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Coolest Gadgets Available on Amazon

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Guys, you would like to know that today’s blog is going to be very surprising and interesting for you because in today’s blog I am going to share with you some coolest gadgets available on Amazon.

Some of these gadgets are going to be very useful and some gadgets are going to be very amazing. So without wasting your precious time let’s start the list of the coolest gadgets.

1. NOAA Weather Radio

Guys, this is the most amazing useful gadget for outdoor use and this gadget could be your survival kit if you are going for a trip, camping, picnic, or any where. There are so many features available in this gadget that will help you to survive outdoor. Now if we talk about the features then this gadget will alert you when a bad weather is issued by the national weather service and you can also listen to FM radio.

There are 2 brightness adjustable lighting sources available in this cool gadget one is 2.5 watt reading lamp and another one is 3 watt LED flashlight. Not only these there are USB input port available in this gadget to recharge your phone in emergency and a 3.5 MM headphone jack to listen to music.

Now if we talk about the power source then it is a battery powered weather radio and there are 4 ways to recharge this radio which is very impressive. You can operate this gadget using 3 AAA batteries which is not included or you can recharge the 5000 mAh in built rechargable battery or there is a solar panel available in this gadget to recharge it or there is also a hand crank available to recharge.

Guys, I would also like to share with you that this gadget is available in 4 different color variants so you can choose the color of your choice. Now finally if we talk about the price of this cool gadget then it will cost you around 36 dollars. So, if you go outdoor frequently then this is the must have gadget for you.

2. Yahboom Raspberry Pi Robot Dog

Guys, this is not an ordinary robot dog it’s an AI smart robot dog and the features of this cool gadget will totally blow your mind. I would also like to share with you that this gadget is not only made for kids but also it is made for the adults. If I discuss all the features of this gadget in detail then the blog will be too long that’s why I will discussthe features of this gadget briefly.

This robot dog has AI visual recognition that features color recognition, self climbing, face detection, target tracking, QR code identification, and machine vision. There are also many fuctions available like action memory learning, bionic action mimic, gait planning, omni directional motion control, IMU posture stabilization, and python programming.

Not only these there are also many surprising features available in this robot dog. So, if you are thinking to purchase this robot dog then it will cost you around 603 dollars. So, if we compare the features and specifications of this product then it’s price is not that high.

1. Roxon S601 6 in 1 MBT3 Foldable Grill Utensils Set

Guys, this is a complete utensils set for grilling and this gadget is very much compact that you can carry it in your pocket. There are 6 useful utensils in one gadget that will help you for barbecue. So, this gadget also could be a great gadget for camping, trip, picnic, and more.

Now if we talk about the material of this utensils set then it is made of stainless steel material and the dimensions of this gadget are 11.1 x 2.72 x 1.18 inches. The total weight of this gadget is 527 grams and the handle material is polypropylene. Now finally if we take a look at the price then this grill utensils set will cost you around 24 dollars.

So, these were the coolest gadgets available on Amazon and I hope you guys found this blog informative if yes then comment down below. That is it for today see you soon in the next blog.

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